3 Basic Tools For Mixing Drinks At Home Or Work

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It doesn’t matter if your bartending at home entertaining friends or if you do it for a living. To be successful at it, you need a couple of basic things, good people skills, decent knowledge about alcohol and the drink you are making, and the proper equipment.  Here are the basic tools for mixing drinks any time you want.

Breaking out the Basic Tools for Mixing Drinks

Every craftsman needs the right tools for their craft. To rock at making drinks you need the basic bar tools to mix, serve, and store your drinks. It doesn’t matter if you doing it at home, or you working at your local.  The 3 basic tools for mixing drinks are

  • Wine Opener
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Strainer

Let’s take a closer look at them

Wine openers

Waiter’s Friend

Basic Bar Tools

The best wine opener is a waiter’s wine opener. It has a sharp blade, a corkscrew (also known as a worm), and a bottle opener. Most decent liquor stores and bar supply houses should have these in stock.

You can buy them from Amazon for anywhere from $20 – $70


Rabbit wine opener

Using basic bar tools


Another nifty wine opener is called a Rabbit wine opener.  It’s ergonomic and automatically lets go of the cork. It tends to have two ears that you operate to remove the cork.

You can get these from about $30 an up from Amazon.

Cocktail shakers

Boston Shaker

Basic Bar tools for mixing drinks



The Boston shaker is the one that most professional bartenders use. It consists of a mixing glass and a stainless steel core that overlaps the glass.


Standard Shaker

3 tools for mixing drinks


The Standard shaker usually consists of two or more stainless steel or glass parts and can be found in department stores or antique stores. Many of these shakers come in different shapes and designs.


.mixing drinks

A couple of different types of strainers are available, but the most popular is the Hawthorn. The Hawthorn is a flat, spoon-shaped utensil with a spring coil around its head.    You can use it on top of a steel shaker or a bar glass to strain cocktails.

These are the basic tools that every serious bar should have, there are plenty more bar tools that you can add to your bar over time.

You can always add a bottle of spirits as well, maybe a decent cocktail book as well. You can always check out our cocktail recipes here for ideas for your next cocktail party.

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