Why Use Cocktail Umbrellas

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cocktail umbrellasThe humble cocktail umbrellas ancestry can be traced back to a Japanese, Chinese and Indian heritage.  Generally it will be used as a garnish or just decoration in cocktails, desserts and other foods, it’s a small umbrella or parasol.

Usually the umbrella is made out of paper, paperboard and a toothpick, where the paper is generally patterned and has cardboard ribs that support the umbrella when opened.

Generally the ribs are made from cardboard as well so to provide flexibility and to hinge so the umbrella can be pulled shut just like an ordinary umbrella.

Just like an ordinary sized umbrella there is a small plastic retaining ring which is often fashioned against the stem, so to stop the cocktail umbrella from folding up.  There is a sleeve of folded newspaper under the collar that acts as a spacer

In the bar scene the cocktail umbrella can be traced base as early as 1932 in San Francisco, they were generally thought to be very exotic as were most things from the Asian Rim.

If you are entertaining at home, you can forgo the cocktail umbrella without a problem, no one will really care. But if you are a mixologist, and its your job, you had better know what drinks to throw a umbrella in, and when you are running low on stock.

If you were the home craft type you could actually make your own other wise you can buy them in bulk through places like e-bay or even Amazon.



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