4 Types Of Whiskey Glassware

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Whiskey GlasswareFor a long time now whiskey has been a favorite for most drinkers worldwide, its stylish, its elegant, it’s what Barney Stinson drinks. Whether it is the expensive decades old whiskey or the cheap local spirit, it still enjoys unrivaled popularity by other liquors.

However, unlike other types of alcohol like wine or beer, it doesn’t require a range of bar glasses that’s suits it. What determines the type of glass to use is how much one plans on drinking. Some people may be in the mood of taking shots while others may prefer to sip or savor.

Another determinant of the type of glass to use is the quality of whiskey. If your thinking that your wanting to take a shot of high quality whiskey, then there is need to use a glass that showcases its traits, on the other hand while taking low quality whiskey, using a chaser would be more efficient and quicker. Here is a list of different types of whiskey glasses.


As the name suggests tulip glass takes the shape of a tulip. It has a bottom which is round in shape, however it becomes narrower and consequently flutes out a bit to the top. Tulip glasses which are also known as glen-cairn glasses are relatively taller as compared with others. This type of whiskey glass ware is mostly used by lovers of scotch whiskey and although not a majority, drinkers of Irish whiskey, they mostly use it to savour the aroma and taste of aged whiskey.


The snifter presents significant similarities to the tulip but usually it has a brim that is not fluted. It is wider and shorter than the tulip. Similar to the tulip, the snifter also enhances the flavor of the whiskey by collecting the aroma of the drink high in the bowl. It is mostly appealing, similar to the tulip, when sipping a whiskey which is worth savoring.

Shot glass

There is usually a variety of shot glasses which vary in size and sometimes shape. However most shot glasses hold not more than two ounces of liquor which has to be consumed in one swallow. To cover the taste of the taste of the shot most drinkers usually follow it with a lighter chaser, for example beer or water, note that this can also be taken by the use of the shot glass.


This whiskey glassware is sometimes known as the highball. It is an ordinary glass with straight sizes. Although its capacity is not m specified, it typically holds about seven to ten ounces of liquor. The whiskey tumbler is most appropriate for serving scotch, Irish and any other whiskey mostly straight. It can also serve bourbon or mixed drinks preferably those that contain whiskey, this may include a Manhattan and cola.

Therefore using the above glasses would ensure that one gets to derive utmost pleasure and elegance of their favourite drink. An important point to note however that is the entire experience revolves on how one holds the glass in their hand. The above whiskey glassware combines the temperature, aroma and which consequently complete their indulgence at the opening of the glass.

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