Mix Your Drinks With The Magic Bullet.

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Every bar needs one. Depending on your own home situation you might actually need two. We are talking about a Blender. You need to be able to blend or mix drinks, do things like crush ice, prepare things. Now there are a lot of different makes and models on the market, but we are all about functionality, at home we have The Magic Bullet.

The Magic Bullet combines quite a few things all into one nifty little product. It’s an extremely versatile appliance, we use both in our home bar as well as in the kitchen for other things like food prep for parties.

It comes with several different items in the package:

  • High torque power base
  • Tall cups, short cups party mugs
  • Cross blade
  • Flat blade
  • Stay fresh re-seal able lids
  • Comfort lip rings
  • Shaker/steamer tops
  • Magic bullet juice extractor kit
  • Magic bullet blender and lid attachment
  • Each item performs multiple tasks, ensuring you get the best out of your magic bullet

When entertaining or even just every day use here are 3 reasons to use your magic bullet everyday

1. Size

The MBs compact size means it’s easy to store. This is crucial for people who don’t have a lot of cabinet/counter space. My counter already has a coffee pot, espresso machine,toaster, knife rack, etc. I needed a blender that doesn’t take up very much space, so for me, it’s the perfect size because I leave it sitting out. The extra accessories can be left in the box it came in and put in the attic or basement for storage if you won’t be using them on a regular basis. I only use the 20oz cup.

2. Ease of Use

We live in an age where people want simplicity. By design, The Magic Bullet already has your serving size per-determined. This is great for people who are conscientious about their portion sizes. In addition, it makes clean up easier. There’s no need to pour your drink from a pitcher to a cup, so not only are you using less dishes, but the design of it is just like cleaning a glass.

Also, there is only one speed of the The Magic Bullet. This may seem like a detractor, but the switch between pulsing and pureeing works well and should handle any job a normal blender does. I found this surprising omission to be one of its best attributes, hence it’s specific use.

3. Functionality

What I would recommend is to blend your ice (approx. 5 pcs) first. Break the ice up by pulsing the MB.  Then you can add in what ever mixers you want.

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