The Art Of Mixing Cocktails

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There are a great majority of commercial drinks that are mixtures of some kind. Spirits and wines are usually the result of mixtures. Wines are often blended as are good brandies. Usually the flavour of a drink is enhanced by mixing two or more different products; however nothing will balance the flavour if poor quality products are used in the process.

Marrying together two good products to make a better one is what the art of cocktail mixing is all about. The use of the correct utensils is important when presenting cocktails. Good quality glasses, a cocktail shaker, good quality spirits and a little fruit for decoration will always produce an attractive cocktail; however don’t be fooled, beneath that attractive looking drink lurks a possibly dangerous alcoholic drink.

One essential rule to remember when mixing the perfect cocktail is not to mix products that are derived from grain, such as whisky, gin and vodka with products from grapes like cognac and Armagnac. It is unwise to mix spirits of the same kind, like whisky and gin, and whisky and vodka.

Usually every cocktail has one or more basic ingredient which gives substance to the mixture. There are several ways to make a cocktail, directly into a glass, in a mixing glass, in a shaker and in an electric blender. A cocktail made directly into the glass is the easiest and quickest method, stir with a spoon or mixer stick to get a good blend.

When using the mixing glass, ice cubes are usually placed into the glass first then the ingredients poured over the top and stirred with a spoon.  The ice should be firm and dry so as not to dilute the drink too much. The ice cools the ingredients while they are being mixed.

When using the shaker the ice cubes or crushed ice is put into the shaker, and then the ingredients are poured over the top. The top is then screwed down and then shaken energetically for around 10 seconds. The top is removed and the cocktail is poured into a glass through a strainer which will leave the ice behind.

 The electric mixer has the crushed ice and ingredients put into it and processed for a few seconds. The cocktail may be strained or poured into the appropriate glass. This method results in a very cold drink.

 A cocktail should not be served as one would serve a glass of water. There are certain rituals that need to be done to make it attractive to the drinker.

After pouring the drink into the glass, the cocktail should be decorated with pieces of fresh fruit such as slices of orange or lemon or a twist of line or lemon peel.

Perhaps the cocktail calls for a cherry or strawberry, it all depends on the type of cocktail that is presented. Add the finishing touch of a straw that is cut to suit the glass.

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