Scotch Based Cocktails

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whiskeyScotch is the oldest of whiskies. Since the fifteenth century farms in the Scottish Highlands have been fermenting barley to distil whisky. It is made in the traditional method from malted barley which has been dried in peat smoke to give it the characteristic aroma of Scotch.

Pure malt whiskey is double distilled in pot stills. Pure malt whiskey is drunk with a little water by the Scots but they don’t approve of wasting it on cocktails! It has a full bodied flavor that is well rounded and really shouldn’t be mixed with other flavors.

Cocktails are better served using a blended whiskey, which consists of 20 to 50% malt whiskey mixed with grain whiskey. Blended whiskies go well with other spirits, such as dry and sweet vermouth’s.

Irish Whisky

Irish whisky is principally made from barley to which is added wheat, oats, rye and maize. It is triple distilled in very large still pots to a high strength before being aged. Although it is very different from Scotch whiskies in flavor it too is drunk with a little water. It is used in some cocktails but is more popular in Irish Coffee as a digestive end to a fine dinner.

There are plenty of Scotch or Whiskey based Cocktails:

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