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Without a doubt, scotch been elevated to first place of the most popular spirits.   But some people believe if the spirit was not made in Scotland then is has no right baring the name.  The very land itself, is perfectly designed to give it self to this spirit, with what ever is taken is naturally replenished.

Going back through history, scotch whisky is said to be a nobleman among spirits brought about primarily by what mother earth has to offer.  For the naturalist amongst us, it makes it a really popular drink.  Scotland is so abundant in natural resources from the moors of peat to the endless flowing fields of barley and wheat which is why it is the perfect place for brewing this tasty drink.

The fine art of distilling has traveled generations; each step of the way gaining knowledge and refinement as distilling and maturing the fine malt gives way to what it is now. There are two kinds of whiskies in production in Scotland today thanks in part to the creation of the still in 1831.  One of those is the single grain variety and the other is the blended malt variety.

In the past there was only single malt whisky. Now there is malt whisky made from several grains which are blended to create the final product. This malt is bottled in select quantities which are referred to as single malt. Some of the more famous blends are now blended with what’s known as a grain whisky.

Distilleries are in the heart of the country side and use the ingredients of the land.  Some grow their own wheat and barley to control what they use in production. Some use reputable farmers to which give great service for a good cause creating some of the finest spirit in the world.

The use of natural springs and rivers is very common practice as well.  As a matter of fact the Skye River runs right through the region that holds the title of malt capital of Scotland. Once the mashing process is complete, the drying starts.

There have been bottles of fine scotch coming from Islay in the very south of Scotland’s shoreline going for as much as $7,000.00.  A very select liquor store in Rhode Island placed this product on the shelves and within 24 hours 20 bottles where snatched up. This is a definite indication of the sheer quality that the company stands buy and promotes with pride.

Weather you like it or hate it, scotch whisky is without a doubt the widest enjoyed spirit in the world now.

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