Mixed Drinks with Whiskey

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mixed drinks with WhiskeyWhiskey would be one of the more main stream and well known spirits out there.  It is seen as a regal drink, something that is smooth and cultured.  We’ve already looked at the all you need to know bout whiskey.  Most aficionado’s of whiskey, tend to think whiskey is a one dimensional drink, they think that you can only mix it with water,  so we wanted to take a closer look at mixed drinks with whiskey.

Whiskey is made in the traditional manner from malted barley.  You can drink a pure malt whiskey with a little water as they do in Scotland, but it would be a shame to use it for cocktails, that would turn an excellent drink into a poor cocktail, because malt whiskies are strong, full bodies, well rounded and don’t mix easily with other flavours.

There are several different ways you can enjoy a whiskey as a mixed drink, lets take a look at the mixed drinks with whiskey

Whiskey basics

If you are just looking for a slow drink to sip and enjoy the favour, then Whiskey on the rocks or Whiskey neat is the obvious way to go.


When you start to talk about cocktails, not a lot of people actually think about whiskey as one particular ingredient of a cocktail, as we said above malt whiskies are strong.  It is much better to use blended scotch whiskies  as a cocktail base or even an Irish whiskey which has a very different flavour.

But there are plenty of different cocktails that have whiskey in it.

  • Affinity Cocktail
  • Barbican

Just to name a few.

Mixed Drinks

One of the most obvious mixed drinks with whiskey is a Whiskey and coke.  Whiskey is the type of spirit that can be mixed with just about any soft drink flavour you wish. It also goes really well with a splash of water. Whiskey also works really well with fruit juices, with recipes like Whiskey Sour or a Kentucky Mule Bourbon Whiskey as popular choices.

Which ever way you want to enjoy your whiskey, trying different ways of mixed drinks with whiskey to find which way you enjoy yours.

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