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Lillet (BN) a French dry white vermouth; there is also a sweeter variety.

Lowland malt. A pure malt whiskey distilled in the south of Scotland.


Maderia a fortified wine produced in the island of that name. There are four types: Bual and Malmsey, fruity and sweet dessert wines, Verdelho and Sercial, lighter and drier aperitifs.

Malibu (BN) a liqueur based on rum and coconut.

Malt whiskey a Scotch whiskey made exclusively from fermented malted barley. A single malt comes from one distilling and a vatted malt is a blend of single malts.

Mandarine best a liqueur made with tangerine peel and cognac; it is best known under various brand names: Cartron, Mandarin, Mandarine Imperiale, Mandarine Pages, Monin.

Maraschino an Italian cherry liqueur much used in cocktails, made from small acid cherries grown in the Trieste region.BN Casoni, Drioli, Luxardo.

mMarc the French name for a brandy distilled from the by-products of winemaking (40d)

Marie Brizard French producer of Anisette, Apry and other liqueurs.

Marsala a Sicilian fortified wine.

Martini & Rossi (BN) producers of Italian vermouth-red (rosso), sweet white (bianco) and dry white (secco).

Menthe, crème de a sweet liqueur flavoured with mint available in a green or white version (25d) BN Bols, Cartron, Cusenier, Peppermint, Pippermint etc.

Mescal a Mexican spirit distilled from the fruit of the agave (40d). it is sometimes sold with an agave worm in the bottle. Cortes is supposed to have called it the nectar of the Aztec gods. Tequila can be used as a substitute. . BN Gusano.

Midori (BN) a Japanese sweet green liqueur tasting of melon.

Mirabelle a very sweet small yellow plum fruit from which an excellent fruity brandy is distilled.

Mistelle a mixture of brandy and fresh grape juice: examples are Pineau from Charentes, Ratafia from Champange and Floc from Gascony.

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