D’s, F’s Drinks Glossary

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Drinks GlossaryD’s

Danziger Goldwasser  originally made in Danzig (Gdansk, Poland)and nowadays in Berlin (30d). It is relates to Kummel, is flavored with caraway and and contains flecks of gold leaf, hence its name.

Drambuie (BN) a liqueur based on scotch whiskey, heather honey and herbs. (40d)

Dubonnet (BN) a wine based aperitif of three kinds –red flavoured with quinine, dry rather like a dry white vermouth, and a white which is sweeter.


F drinks GlossaryFalernum  a syrup made in the Caribbean mainly of limes and ginger and containing very little alcohol.

Fernet-Branca (BN)  an Italian bitter made of roots and herbs (40d). Recommended as a hang-over cure.

Fine a brandy: the term to use when ordering an unspecified brandy in France.

Fino see sherry.

Floc a mixture of Armagnac and grape juice.

French shorthand for dry vermouth. French vermouths used to be dry. eg. Chambery, Noilly Prat, and Italian sweet, but now both countries produce both kinds.



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