Best Way To Drink Whiskey

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best way to drink whiskeyIn the spirit (that Alcohol not dead people) world, whiskey is known to be a choice of drink for the more discerning of drinkers amongst us. Everyone things that whiskey neat is the only way to drink and enjoy a decent whiskey but that’s not true here are the 6 best ways to drink whiskey.

1. Neat

This is known as the best way to drink whiskey. Neat means you take a pour of scotch, served in a nice crystal whiskey glass, and sip at it

2. On the Rock’s

Whiskey on the rocks, is a very simple drink, ice cubes into a crystal whiskey glass, and a pour a measure of whiskey over the ice. Again just sip at the whiskey, as the ice melts it creates a beautiful smooth whiskey drink.

3. Whiskey With a Mixer

Whiskey with mixers is always fun, and this comes down to personal taste, My favorite is a Jameson whiskey with coke over ice, Great with a twist of lemon or lime in it as well. But whiskey with ginger ale, lemonade or even a whiskey and apple juice, can work

4. Cooking with whiskey

Oh, stop crying, whiskey makes a great addition to a lot of recipes, Such as savory sauces for steak, chicken and pork, as well as added to sweet confections like ice cream, cocktails and brownies.

5. In a cocktail

Whiskey mixed in a cocktail is always a great choice, you can used it as a base for, things like blood orange and bourbon, mixed berry and fig old fashioned.

6. Treat illness

Ok, we had to add this one in, feeling a little like you have a head cold, try a Sriracha Hot Toddy, mix honey, whiskey, sriracha, lemon and ginger together, and sip away, guaranteed to clear up any head cold.

There you go, 6 of the best ways to drink whiskey, if you are looking for something a little different you could also cook with it.  If you know of any other, please let use know.

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