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WhiskeyWhiskey translates to “water of life” and it originated in Scotland during the early 1400’s. However it is now a popular drink through the whole world. The taste of whiskey is much the same as when it was first distilled all those years ago. Distillers of whiskey are extremely strong on heritage and do all they can to capture the flavor that whiskey has always been known for. Whiskey is distilled from fermented grain mash. Different grains are used, wheat, rye, corn and barley, all given their own unique flavor to the whiskey.

Whiskey is a wonderful drink for many occasions. Many weddings favor whiskey, as the bride and groom often toast each other to signify their relationship will stand the test of time, just like whiskey has. Ceremonial events have whiskey as the drink for their toasting occasions. Friends will use whiskey to toast each other as a sign of friendship.

Whiskey also makes an excellent gift for friend’s, employees and business contacts. Executives may find that a whiskey at the end of a stressful day helps them relax and many business deals are made over a tot of whiskey.

The mellow taste of whiskey has helped many a business deal conclude successfully. Sometimes imbibing in an excess of whiskey, may make someone feel like they are”The King Of The World”.

There are many varieties of whiskey throughout the world. The ones favored in America are mainly Jack Daniels and Wild Turkey. They are served throughout America in many bars and restaurants. Some drink it straight some have it on the rocks while others mix it with coke. It is all a personal choice as to the consumption of it.

Scotland have many distilleries that make an excellent drop of whiskey. They vary from Glenfiddich, which in Gaelic means “Valley of The Dear”” and the distillery whose origins go back to 1886 is situated in the Scotland Highlands. Then there is Black Douglas, Johnny Walker, which is possibly the most popular of all.

It comes in different colored labels, from red to black and to blue. Blue is one of the smoothest whiskies available. The late Queen Victoria and the late King Edward favored Ballantines Scotch whisky, which is distilled in Dumbarton Scotland.

Ireland too distills a fine drop of whiskey also. Jameson Irish whiskey was established in 1780 at their distillery in Dublin. Another is Tullamore Dew which was established in 1820. Tullamore dew is favored in the drink of Irish coffee.

Connoisseurs of whiskey will say the best way to drink it is to have it straight and just sip it slowly so as to savour the mellow tones. Others prefer to pour it over ice cubes, commonly known as “scotch on the rocks”. The ice cubes gradually melt so that the “bite” of the whiskey becomes smoother.

Thousands of people around the world consume whiskey. It is one of the best selling alcoholic beverages available. In California America you are able to purchase it in your local grocery outlet or department store. Suitable for all social occasions or just to have in the privacy of your home. The crisp flavor of whiskey is good for the soul and enjoyable on any occasion.

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