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Mix your DrinkMix Your Drink is a site dedicated to all things that you can drink. It doesn’t matter if they are Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic, drinks are made to be enjoyed. Our mission is to bring you the best of whats on offer for Drinks, and making your own drinks.

These days it really is expensive to drink at a bar, what might cost you $45 at home with a bottle of spirits and some mixes could cost you $10 for 1 drink at a bar.  When you think that there are a average 26 drinks in a bottle of 750 ml spirits, you do the maths.  So we encourage you to get some friends together and gather at a friends place for a BBQ and a few drinks, share the cost and double the pleasure.

Making you own drink can be as much about, experimenting as enjoying the company, as it would be about the actual drink.

We also love teas and coffees, it doesn’t matter if its white tea, green tea, or a coffee bean that a possum eats and poo’s out, that you can boil and drink, its all worth trying.

Mix your drink also gives you some great gift ideas for people, like cocktail recipe books.  Or even just some unusual drink mixing tools, we try to help you as much as we can to enjoy your drinking pleasure.  Oh and just one last warning, if you think that you are drinking a little too much, than maybe see your GP.

Buy other wise…… Drink up