A Bar In The House

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bar in houseIt is not necessary to have a bar in the home to serve cocktails. Although this is quite common in America, the British seem to prefer a drinks cupboard in the sitting room.

A bar in a sitting room would be quite convenient; however using a cupboard is also an excellent idea. It keeps the bottles out of sight and protects them from dust and light. Light causes oxidization to some liqueurs.

Another alternative to a bar is a mobile drinks trolley. This usually houses the bottles on the lower shelf and the glasses and equipment on the top shelf. It’s a convenient way to be able to bring the drinks to wherever the guests are congregated.

It is possible to make cocktails with only a few bottles of alcohol but it is useful if more are available. Occasionally a recipe calls for some soft drinks and champagne, orange or lemon juice or wine. It is important to remember that fresh juice won’t last more than a day and it should be kept refrigerated.

Storing Spirits and Liqueurs:

Wine bottles are normally stored on their sides to keep the wine in contact with the cork; however bottles of alcohol and liqueurs should always remain upright. Spirits and liqueurs age in a cask but once bottled the aging process ceases.

Spirits dislike light and like wine prefer to be kept in a dark place; however it’s not necessary to house them in a cellar as humidity has no effect on them. A cupboard is perfectly fine for their storage. The oxidization from light may cause irreversible deterioration in certain fruit liqueurs.

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